"Ross Bauer's compositions consistently reveal clarity of form coupled with expressive elegance and a distinct musical trajectory that rewards the listener with its internal logic and compelling conclusions. He is a mature composer of artistic power, uncommon poetic vision and unbridled imagination."
2005 Academy Award Citation, American Academy of Arts and Letters    

"Ross Bauer's "Ritual Fragments", played at the end of the concert, used the instrumentation...with imagination and poetry."

Paul Griffiths, The New York Times         

"Lines of musical conversation cross over, smartly, in Ross Bauer's "Tributaries", for cello, piano and percussion. Feisty, interactive writing is key -- one musician finishes another's sentence, and all exude a seductive restlessness beneath the neatly structured surface."

Josef Woodard, The Los Angeles Times 

"...strong emotional gestures behind the compositional shaping. There was a rhapsodic quality of the kind that violinists easily take to, along with a sense that event was leading to event in a necessary, cogent fashion. To these ears, the sense of inevitability in the workmanship has a curious and attractive mysteriousness in it. That may be a way of saying that your reviewer descried real substance in it, the unfakable genuine article, and would like to hear it again."

Richard Buell, The Boston Globe            

"...an aptitude both for extrovert gestures in the post-twelve tone, Stockhausen-influenced manner of piano writing and for delicate varied effects of color. The structure was weighty and real: it was possible to follow the argument as though one were reading a book. The piece stays in the memory as a thing distinctly achieved, a thing added to the world."

Paul Driver, The Boston Globe