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Pas de Deux viola and cello 2009 chamber 
Bust a Flame tenor saxophone, electric guitar, piano and percussion 2009 chamber 
Symbiosis clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, and cello 2009 chamber 
Leda piano trio 2008 chamber 
Implicit Memory six players 2007 chamber 
Dirge-Elegy piano solo 2007 solo 
Tatatha string trio 2007 chamber 
Thin Ice chamber concerto for cello and fourteen players 2006 concerti 
The Near Beyond clarinet, violin, viola, and cello 2005 chamber 
Piano Quartet piano quartet 2004 chamber 
Flying Time two marimbas 2002 chamber 
Dusk large orchestra 2002 orchestral 
This, That, and the Other (arrangement) for soprano saxophone solo, piano, bass, and percussion 2001 chamber 
Fast and Loose chamber concerto for flute (alto flute, piccolo) and eight players 2001 concerti 
This, That, and the Other soprano saxophone solo, eight winds, and percussion 2001 chamber 
Diverto string orchestra 2001 orchestral 
String Quartet #3 string quartet 2000 chamber 
Little Trio flute, clarinet, and bassoon 2000 chamber 
Tribute cello and piano 2000 chamber 
Nimbus solo flute 2000 solo 
Quiescence clarinet and harp 2000 chamber 
Etudes solo violin 1999 solo 
Pulse clarinet, viola, and piano 1999 chamber 
Highly Rubbery solo bass clarinet 1998 solo 
Motion piano trio 1998 chamber 
Icons solo bassoon and orchestra 1997 concerti 
Eskimo Songs mezzo-soprano, flute, cello, and piano 1996 vocal 
Romanza solo violin and orchestra 1996 concerti 
Stone Soup five players 1995 chamber 
Ritual Fragments soprano and six players 1995 vocal 
Octet clarinet, bassoon, horn, string quartet, and bass 1994 chamber 
Halcyon Birds chamber orchestra 1993 orchestral 
Birthday Bagatelles solo piano 1993 solo 
Aplomb violin and piano 1993 chamber 
Tributaries cello, percussion, and piano 1992 chamber 
Eskimo Song mezzo-soprano, flute, cello, and piano 1992 vocal 
Oda al Olor de la Lena baritone voice, alto flute, cello, and percussion 1991 vocal 
Anaphora solo flute, violin, viola, cello, and piano 1991 chamber 
Piano Concerto piano and orchestra 1990 concerti 
Chin Music viola and piano 1989 chamber 
Four Honig Songs soprano and piano 1989 vocal 
Neon orchestra 1988 orchestral 
Fast Gar Nichts... string trio 1988 chamber 
Chimera nine players 1987 chamber 
Evanescent Heterophony cello and piano 1986 chamber 
Showing 45 items