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Dusk (2002) for large orchestra. Movement II of a larger work commissioned by the California Youth Symphony, Leo Eylar, Music Director. score

Halcyon Birds (1993) for Chamber Orchestra. Commissioned by the Koussevitzky Foundation and the Rohnert Park Symphony. score

Neon (1988) for orchestra. Commissioned by Stanford University. score

Sospeso (1987) for string orchestra. Commissioned by the Stanford Chamber Orchestra. score


Baton (2012) for solo flute, solo bass clarinet, solo violin, solo cello and orchestra. Written for the U.C. Davis Symphony, Christian Baldini, Music Director. score

Thin Ice (2006) a chamber concerto for cello and fourteen players. Commissioned by Sequitur for cellist Greg Hesselink. Recording Available score

Fast and Loose (2001) a chamber concerto for flute (alto flute, piccolo) and eight players commissioned by the Fromm Foundation for the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players     score

This, That, and the Other (2001) for soprano saxophone solo, eight winds, and percussion. Commissioned by the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors.

Icons (1997) for solo bassoon and orchestra. Commissioned by the Berkeley Symphony, Kent Nagano, Music Director. score

Romanza (1996) for solo violin and orchestra. Commissioned by the Santa Cruz County Symphony for Terrie Baune. score

Piano Concerto (1990) Commissioned by Wellesley College for Lois Shapiro. Composed under a grant from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. score


The Waters Wrecked The Sky (2011) for soprano and piano (five settings of poems by Emily Dickinson). Commissioned by Sarah Pelletier and Lois Shapiro. score

Eskimo Songs (1996) for mezzo-soprano, flute, cello, and piano. Commissioned by Voices of the Forest.  Recording Available score

Ritual Fragments (1995) (Native American texts) for soprano and six players. Commissioned by the Fromm Foundation for Susan Narucki and the San Francsico Contemporary Music Players.Recording Available score

Oda al Olor de la Lena (1991) for baritone voice, alto flute, cello, and percussion (text by Pablo Neruda). Commissioned by Paul Hillier for the first Theatre of Voices Festival, UC Davis.  score

Four Honig Songs (1989) for soprano and piano (texts by Edwin Honig). Commissioned by Susan Narucki. score


in the midst of it all (2014) for flute/piccolo, bass clarinet, violin, cello and piano  score

Vignette (2014) for alto flute, bass clarinet, cello and percussion. Written in honor of D. Kern Holoman. score

until (2013) for cello and piano. Written for Susan Lamb Cook and Gayle Blankenburg. score

Rhyme or Reason (2013) for saxophone quartet. score

Both Sides (2012) for flute/alto flute, string quartet, bass. Commissioned by Mondavi Center Presents for the St. Louis Symphony Chamber Players. score

Echometry (2012) for percussion quartet. Commissioned by Talujon.score

Heartstrings (2012) for flute, violin, viola, cello. Commissioned by Meitar Ensemble. score

Split Infinitives (2010) for two pianos. Commissioned by New Music@ECU for Keiko and Yukiko Sekino. score

Pas de Deux (2009) for viola and cello. Commissioned by Tawnya Popoff and Caroline Stinson. score

Symbiosis (2009) for clarinet / bass clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello. score

Bust a Flame (2009) for tenor saxophone, electric guitar, piano and percussion. Commissioned by Flexible Musicscore

Leda (2008) for piano trio. Commissioned by the Triple Helix Trio for their Mozart Project. score

Implicit Memory (2007) for six players. Commissioned by the Barlow Foundation for the New York New Music Ensemble.  score

Tathata (2007) for string trio. Written for the Athabasca String Trio.  score

The Near Beyond (2005) for clarinet, violin, viola, and cello. Commissioned by Empyrean Ensemble for Peter Josheff and dedicated to the memory of Lois Jones. score

Piano Quartet (2004) for violin, viola, cello, and piano. Commissioned by the State University of New York at Stony Brook for the Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players  score

Flying Time (2002) for two marimbas. Commissioned by Stephen Paysen and Dominic Donato. score

This, That, and the Other (2001) (arrangement) for soprano saxophone solo, piano, bass, and percussion.

String Quartet No. 3 (2000) Commissioned by Stanford Lively Arts for the Alexander Quartet. score

Tribute (2000) for cello and piano. Written for Fred Sherry and Gilbert Kalish. score

Quiescence (2000) for clarinet and harp. Written for Diane Maltester and Wendy Tamis. score

Pulse (1999) for clarinet, viola, and piano. Commissioned by the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble. score

Motion (1998) for piano trio. Commissioned by the Triple Helix Trio.Recording Available score

Stone Soup (1995) for five players. Commissioned by the New York New Music Ensemble.Recording Available score

Octet (1994) for clarinet, bassoon, horn, string quartet, and bass.Recording Available score

Aplomb (1993) for violin and piano. Commissioned by the Kobialka Duo. score

Tributaries (1992) for cello, percussion, and piano. Commissioned by the Aequalis Ensemble.Recording Available score

Anaphora (1991) for solo flute, violin, viola, cello, and piano. Commissioned by the Earplay Ensemble. score

Chin Music (1989) for viola and piano. Commissioned by Bernard and Naomi Zaslav. score

Fast Gar Nichts... (1988) for string trio.

Chimera (1987) for nine players. Commissioned by Alea III. score

String Quartet No. 2 (1987) Composed under a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Evanescent Heterophony (1986) for cello and piano. Commissioned by Beth Pearson. score

Deja Vu (1986) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano. Composed for Griffin Music Ensemble. score

Along the Way (1985) for ten players. Recording Available score

Hang Time (1984) for clarinet, violin, and piano. Commissioned by Beth Wiemann. score


Agnus Dei (2015) for unaccompanied choir SATB score


Dirge-Elegy (2007) for piano solo. Written for Lois Shapiro and dedicated to the memory of Arlene Zallman. score

Mango (2004) for solo piano. Commissioned by Amy Dissanayake for her Tango Project. score

Nimbus (2000) for solo flute. Written at the request of Perspectives of New Music in honor of Martin Boykan's 70th birthday. score

Etudes (1999) for solo violin. score

Highly Rubbery (1998) for solo bass clarinet. Written for Peter Josheff. score

Birthday Bagatelles (1993) for piano. score

Tonarten (1982) for solo piano. Composed for Christopher Kies. score